"Citizens in Support of the Sea Services"


2015 Events
Updated: October 9, 2015




                                                        JANUARY 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 5-Jan
OCS Class 0515 Hi-Mom Reception 15-Jan
                                                        FEBRUARY 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 2-Feb
OCS Class 0615 Hi-Mom Reception 5-Feb
ODS Class 15030 Hi-Mom Reception 12-Feb
SEA Graduation Dinner Class 185 6PM, O'Club 12-Feb
SWOS DH Class 230 19-Feb
OCS Class 0715 Hi-Mom Reception 26-Feb
                                                        MARCH 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 2-Mar
SEA Pilot Course, Friday 1100 Tomich Hall 13-Mar
OCS Class 0815 Hi-Mom Reception 19-Mar
ODS Class 15040 Hi-Mom Reception 26-Mar
CG Personsof Year 2014
                                                        APRIL 2015
SEA Graduation Dinner Class 186 6PM O'Club 2-Apr
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 6-Apr
OCS Class 0915 Hi-Mom Reception 9-Apr
OCS Class 1015 Hi-Mom Reception 30-Apr
ODS Class 15050 Hi-Mom Reception
       31 Apr
Naval Complex Persons of Year 2014
                                                        MAY 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 4-May
SWOS DH Class 231 7-May
OCS Class 1115 Hi-Mom Reception 21-May
                                                       JUNE 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 1-Jun
OCS Class 1215 Hi-Mom Reception 11-Jun
ODS Class 15060 Hi-Mom Reception 11-Jun
SEA Graduation  Class 187 -Tomich Hall Friday Time-TBD 19-Jun
                                                       JULY 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 6-Jul
OCS Class 1315 Hi-Mom Reception 2-Jul
SWOS DH Class 232 9-Jul
ODS Class 15070 Hi-Mom Reception 16-Jul
OCS Class 1415 Hi-Mom Reception 23-Jul
SEA Graduation  Class 188 -Tomich Hall Friday Time-TBD 24-Jul
2015 Military Appreciation Dinner/Meeting
                                                       AUGUST 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 3-Aug
OCS Class 1515 Hi-Mom Reception 13-Aug
SEA Graduation  Class 189 -Tomich Hall Friday Time-TBD 14-Aug
ODS Class 15080 Hi-Mom Reception 20-Aug
USCG Birthday Cookout


                                                       SEPTEMBER 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 7-Sep
OCS Class 1615 Hi-Mom Reception 3-Sep
SEA Graduation  Class 190 -Tomich Hall Friday Time-TBD 3-Sep
NCC Picnic
ODS Class 15090 Hi-Mom Reception 24-Sep
OCS Class 1715 Hi-Mom Reception 24-Sep
SWOS DH Class 233 24-Sep
NSC Picnic        TBD
                                                       OCTOBER 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 5-Oct
                                                       NOVEMBER 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 2-Nov
                                                       DECEMBER 2015
Board Meeting -Mainstay Inn -4PM 7-Dec


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