"Citizens in Support of the Sea Services"
2010-2011 Council Officers


Anne Huot

Tel: (401)-847-9992

E-mail: president@newportnavyleague.us

First Vice President

Dave Carrillo

Tel: (401) - 293-0365

E-Mail: seti1ra@cox.net


Second Vice President

Len Dilorenzo

Tel: (401) - 294-1004

E-mail: amglad1@cox.net


Ed Webb

Tel:  508-539-0478

E-mail: secretary@newportnavyleague.us


Eric Shaw

Tel: (401) - 848-0169

E-mail: treasurer@newportnavyleague.us

Immediate Past President

Mike Slein

Tel: (401)-847-7201

E-mail: farmags@cox.net

Judge Advocate

Arne  Johnson 

National Director

Tony Cercena  

National Director Emeritus

Frank Hanson  


New England Region President

National Director

George Wardwell 




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